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GuangdongGuanghang Technology Co., Ltd

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GuangdongGuanghang Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong Guanghang Technology Co., Ltd. has actively participated in the national space undertaking. Guanghang has conducted all-round cooperation with Manned Spaceflight General Department of the China Academy of Space Technology to develop space project, upgrade traditional manufacturing. Devoting itself to research and develop hi-tech products with leading intellectual-property rights, Guanghang has become a model of "Using military technology for civilian" and "Civilian join the military". Guanghang takes full advantage of the collaborative innovation of military and civilian to achieve a bidirectional transformation of achievements.
Guanghang has a solid talent pool and R & D strength,with experienced technical personnel within the industry. Currently, Guanghang has developed the space station and other projects with the Manned Spaceflight General Department of China Academy of Space Technology. For example, the design and manufacture of the optical isolation bay platform, the design and manufacturing of the extra-bay tool in the space station, the comprehensive performance test of the space station environmental protection and life insurance system Verification platform pipeline development and system integration, UAV manufacturing, simulation and manufacturing of underwater modules and other projects. At present, Guanghang is building two platforms, one is on-orbit maintenance maintenance simulation and test platform, the other one is full three-dimensional collaborative innovation design service platform. In order to continuously enhance its scientific research capabilities, Guanghang carry out strategic cooperation with well-known universities, research institutions, integrates production, learning and research to get mutual benefit among friendly relations and cooperation.
GuangdongGuanghang Technology Co., Ltd
Address: #601-602, Building 3, 39 ° Space Art Creative Community, 6th Floor, Gui Lan North Road, Guicheng, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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