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Good news: GuangYaaluminium industry in the top five in the aluminum profile industry.

Group News

Good news: GuangYaaluminium industry in the top five in the aluminum profile industry.

Group news
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Guangya aluminum industry first entered the top 5 of the top 20 enterprises of aluminum profile, which jumped 2 in 2016.

On December 29th, 2017 (3rd) China building aluminum profile 20 strong and China

copper plate with 10 strong enterprise review results conference held in Beijing.

GuangYaaluminium  was the first to enter the top 5 of the top 20 companies in the construction of aluminum profiles, and it has jumped 2 places since 2016.

This review is sponsored by China nonferrous metal processing industry association. China nonferrous metals industry association, deputy party secretary, China nonferrous metals processing industry association director Fan Shunke, secretary general of the China nonferrous metals processing industry association, deputy director, ZhangJiLin to attend the conference.

Fan Shunke basic situation in Chinese copper, aluminum processing industry was analyzed, and he pointed out that in 2016, copper, aluminum processing industry in China's

main business income of more than 2 trillion yuan, become an important part of

national economy. Copper and aluminum production account for more than half of global output. China is not only a major industrial country of copper and aluminum, but

also a great power in some areas. He stressed that, copper, aluminum processing

industry in China in the process of rapid development and from big to strong, there are still some deficiencies and problems, such as the lack of basic research and

innovation, not enough attention and development on the downstream demand,

serious product homogeneity, mid-range excess capacity, etc., but Chinese

development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities, this for the

next few years copper, aluminum processing industry sustainable development

provides the major premise.

It is understood that the evaluation activity is conducted by the expert group's

unified grading, the comprehensive summary of the review group and the voting by the expert committee. Unlike previous years, this review activity continues to emphasize

enterprise production capacity, production scale indexes such as at the same time,

increase the technological innovation, standard, quality, brand, environmental

protection, benefit index weights, to guide the enterprise by the expansive scale to

 innovation, quality, efficiency, brand type change; The review process is focused on a panel of experts, scoring in a unified manner, and voting through the expert committee; For the confirmation of the doubtful data in the declaration materials, the organization

experts adopted by the last time will go to the company to check and confirm the method, and then the company will invite the enterprises to focus on the method of the confirmation. The press conference also invited some representatives of the winning

companies to introduce their respective enterprises, and issued the acceptance


After 21 years of hard work and extensive development, GuangyaAluminium has

grown into a top 500 supplier for Chinese top 10 aluminum profile enterprises and

top 500 Chinese real estate development enterprises. Recently, Guangya aluminum

co., LTD., together with nearly 30 brothers, founded the China Guangya group

holding co., LTD. With aluminum as the leading group, the group integrates

aerospace products and IT systems, engineering building materials, precision

machinery and electromechanical industries. At present, we are committed to the

application of space technology and artificial intelligence to help China's aluminum

processing industry intelligent transformation and structural transformation and

upgrading. In the future, it is believed that with the joint efforts of more than 4,000 people, the company will be able to go further in the "Chinese aluminum forest" and

enter the top three of the industry.


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Good news: GuangYaaluminium industry in the top five in the aluminum profile industry.
Warm congratulations on the establishment of China GuangYaGroup Holding
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