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Warm congratulations on the establishment of China GuangYaGroup Holding

Group News

Warm congratulations on the establishment of China GuangYaGroup Holding

Group news
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       At present, China's economy has entered a new normal of shifting from super-fast growth to

medium-high growth. Real economy in the overall goal of low carbon, environmental protection,

sustainable development and the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and  industrial 4.0 new formats

such as constructing the industrial environment, to combine to achieve resource integration, with

complementary advantages into competition force, cluster development, unity, can yet be regarded as one of the most optimal option.

       In this context, December 19, 2017, by the Guangya  aluminum,  Hexing square, Hengli road and bridge, andGuanghangtechnologynearly 30 companies  to be a joint venture of China GuangYa

Group Holding co., LTD. officially proclaimed in Nanhai  Ramada hotel officially proclaimed. Nearly

120 people from the main body of the group and its major enterprises attended the inaugural meeting.

       Read the group's appointment, announced the group organization structure, the group's subsidiary

business into aluminum, aerospace products and IT systems and business investment operations,

engineering, building materials, seiko mechanical and electrical and overseas trade and so on six big

section, and the six new division and unified management.

       Among them, the aluminum division mainly relies on Guangya aluminum, Guangcheng aluminum,

Llinyijunfu and other seven subsidiaries.After 21 years of development, Guangya aluminum industry has been ranked among the top five in China's aluminum extruding industry, and has been rated as the

national high-tech enterprise, China famous brand product, China famous trademark, etc.

       The aerospace products and IT systems and the  exactitudeelectromechanical division are mainly

based on the operation of five subsidiaries, including technology, Guangzhou aviation technology and

intelligent robot. Although the establishment of several companies is short, but the development speed is fast. By cooperating with the China space technology research institute, the application of space

technology in the field of mass manufacturing has facilitated the intelligent transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises. Such as, the right to science and technology as the aluminum industry

development of "intelligent loading robot", for Hengli concrete company developed intelligent production

scheduling management system, etc., have greatly improved the production efficiency. At the same time, the two-way transformation project of technology products, such as "military transfer civilian" and "civilijoin army" led by Guanghang technology, is also accelerating.

       The commercial investment and operation business division mainly relies on five subsidiaries, such as theHexin management company of the

commercial property management company and the Nanhaisunshine online

commercial plaza. At present, Hexing square is the new landmark of Shishan

city, and the sunshine online commercial plaza is the largest shopping center

complex in the Shishan university town .     

 The engineering building materials business unit mainly relies on the Hengli concrete, Hengli road

bridge, the Hehui concrete and other eight subsidiaries operation. After seventeen years of pioneering

development, Hengli road bridge has become a medium-sized construction enterprise group with nearly 1,000 employees.

       The establishment of China GuangYa Group Holding co., LTD. is the enterprise development of

the market breakthrough concentrated expression, is the enterprise through upstream and downstream, the front end, build the whole industry chain, build industry ecological closed-loop strategic moves.

 Specifically, in the field of aluminum processing industry, he can provide a more diversified and

competitive quality product for the market at a lower cost and more reasonable price. In the field of

commercial real estate investment and operation, he can integrate the advantages of

Guangya, and achieve the maximization of the enterprise's economic and social value in China's rapid


       More importantly, the Chinese manufacturing industry in which the group is located, Foshan, is dominated by the real economy, and the enterprise has a lot of pressure to complete the transformation and upgrading. The task is very heavy. As a traditional manufacturing enterprise - Guangya aluminum if it

can took the lead through science and technology, intelligent control to complete transformation and

upgrading of industry topics in this era, actively explore a set of transformation and upgrading of feasible solution, for the Foshan economy as a whole from the large manufacturing model and provide reference to the strong smart transformation,  it is a Long-term beneficial project.       

After the establishment of the group, there are nearly 5000 employees, and the industrial base is

distributed in Guangdong and Shandong provinces, and the marketing network covers the whole

world. A group of aluminum as the leading, integrated intelligent manufacturing, engineering,

building materials, and other commercial real estate enterprise group carrier battle group has made, is braving the, toward a more vast ocean.


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Warm congratulations on the establishment of China GuangYaGroup Holding
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