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Before the 19th CPC National congress,Welcome the leaders of theOne Belt And One Road country ---- Laos

Group News

Before the 19th CPC National congress,Welcome the leaders of theOne Belt And One Road country ---- Laos

Group news
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China's Belt and Road Initiative will bring tangible benefits to all peoples, including Laos, and create opportunities for the developing countries. Laos has benefited from infrastructure improvements

       Chinese One Belt And One Road initiative will bring tangible benefits to the people of all countries, including Laos, and create opportunities for developing countries. Laos

has benefited by improving infrastructure through One Belt And One Road. Before the

communist party of China 19th CPC National congressGuangYa aluminum group,

ushered in the central committee of the politburo, Vientiane Laos party secretary and mayor ofDr.SinlavongKhoutphaythoune and his wife, Laos cadres delegation and so on more than two dozen people to visit our company, Guangya  group executive director KuangLiXia and each

director of the each center to attend, hospitality reception of the guests.

       Dr.SinlavongKhoutphaythoune as secretary and mayor of cadres first exhibition hall started from the company to visit, to understand the broad and aluminum industrial

materials and electronic products, building materials, doors and Windows, curtain wall,

aluminum furniture, all the solar cell scaffold model products and aluminum frame, etc

       Guests in the user experience area for full aluminiumfurniture and various series of environmental protection and energy-saving Windows and aluminum for sound insulation, insulation, sealing, anti-theft and other performance testing and experience.

       Vientiane party secretary and mayorDr.SinlavongKhoutphaythoune take a

look  at our products in the process of giving the full affirmation, especially praised widely and aluminum in the production process and technology research and development


       China and Laos are good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners.China had diplomatic relations with Laos for 56 years, traditional friendship between the two countries is becoming more and more thorough popular feeling, overall to conduct cooperation in various fields, bring benefits to the two peoples, "One Belt And One Road" initiative put forward three years, in order to promote the Lao made positive

contributions to social and economic development. This initiative, coupled with Laos's own development strategy, is accelerating the Laos transition from "land-locked" to

In accordance with the policy direction of "One Belt And One Road", the two sides have conducted in-depth exchanges in the exhibition hall. Conference, Guangya aluminum

group executive director KuangLiXia  give Laos party general arrival with a warm

welcome, and points out that the Guangya group hope established deep friendship with

Laos, broader and deeper friendship and cooperation.

       In the conversation, Dr.SinlavongKhoutphaythoune welcomed the leaders of the

Guangya group to visit Laos, to further deepen their understanding of Laos, to seek

cooperation opportunities and to make the sell Guangya products in Laos.

       The two sides shared the vision for the future and exchanged views on how to

further strengthen cooperation and win-win development. This is the real witness of our cooperation with Laos.

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Good news: GuangYaaluminium industry in the top five in the aluminum profile industry.
Warm congratulations on the establishment of China GuangYaGroup Holding
Before the 19th CPC National congress,Welcome the leaders of theOne Belt And One Road country ---- Laos