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Good news: GuangYaaluminium industry in the top five in the aluminum profile industry.
Guangya aluminum industry first entered the top 5 of the top 20 enterprises of aluminum profile, which jumped 2 in 2016.
Warm congratulations on the establishment of China GuangYaGroup Holding
Before the 19th CPC National congress,Welcome the leaders of theOne Belt And One Road country ---- Laos
China's Belt and Road Initiative will bring tangible benefits to all peoples, including Laos, and create opportunities for the developing countries. Laos has benefited from infrastructure improvements


China Guangya Group Holding Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group that is led by aluminum profile processing, covering many fields including Seiko, mechatronics, engineering materials, aerospace and IT system, commercial real estate investment and operation, international trade and so on. Wholly owned or holding Guangya aluminum, aluminum, 

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Aluminum profile casting, extrusion and processing industry applications include building, aerospace, military industry, enterprise, rail transportation, ship, electronics, solar energy, machinery, home.
Space products and IT system
The development of aerospace products and the application of IT technology in manufacturing industry
Seiko Mechatronics
The development and production of the robot, the development and production of intelligent equipment in the aluminum profile processing industry, precision machining
Business operation investment
Investment, operation of a large business complex
Engineering building materials
Premixed soil, assembly building material production
Overseas business
The marketing of aluminum products in the overseas market, the procurement of aluminum processing technology and equipment in the world, and the financing business of Hongkong.